Wilderness First Aid Course Registration

Course Registration

1. Registration Form

After submitting the Registration form, please complete the next steps outlined below.

2. Verify Submission

Once you ‘Submit’ the form above, it should disappear with a message saying the form successfully submitted. If it didn’t go through, please ensure all red asterisk* questions are answered, and click the submit button again until the questionnaire disappears.

3. Payment

If you have already paid, you can skip this step.

3. Forms and Textbook

Minor Consent

If you will be under age 18 at class time (focused teenagers with solid attention spans are very welcome) please complete the Participant Agreement, Release and Assumption of Risk form. This form is required to attend.

  1. The minor signs page one
  2. A parent/guardian signs page two
  3. Bring the completed form to class (required to attend)
All Participants

For course timing, to understand the critically-important multi-step safety check-in procedure upon arrival, for what to bring, etc. please download this PDF. Please be advised that in class, you will need to sign page one of this form. We will provide the paper form for you in class.

Text Book (fifth edition)

SOLO HQ requires each participant to use one of these two links to purchase an e-book or paperback book on Amazon. Textbook will not be available in class. 

The e-book is a fixed format book and is not recommended for phones or small tablets. We ask everyone to have their devices turned off during class so as not to disturb students sitting adjacent nor distract the instructor. Laptop and large tablet computers are welcome in class, if disconnected from wifi and cellphone signals. One can hand-write notes in the paperback version.

4. Avoiding Spam Filter

On a computer (if you use gmail, this will not work on a smart phone) in your email “Settings,” under “See all settings,” please “create a new filter” for all emails from @solowfa.com to “never send to spam,” or else there are significant odds you’ll miss very important emails from us, pre- and post-class.

Just clicking on an email from one of us “not spam” will not work because strangely, people often receive emails from one MEDIC staffer but not another. Please create the recipe for all incoming emails from @solowfa.com.

MEDIC staff will email you (1) when your registration and payment have been processed and your spot is confirmed, and (2) about a week before class with extremely important final notes.

5. Pre-Course Prep Reading

Reading the 100-page dtWFA course textbook in advance is a fantastic start. The SOLO physician has also released a 330-page disaster / travel / wilderness medical textbook: “WILDCARE,” now used in the longer classes (8 to 9-day Wilderness First Responder and up). Consider ordering it if you have time to read through it before class, and regardless as it will serve as an outstanding reference resource to you after class. WILDCARE Info and Order Page If you enrolled in the WFA course to recertify your WFR (or higher), consider getting this as well, for it blows away the old black & white WFR textbook and will be a fantastic resource for you.