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Southeast Alaska… the name itself teases the imagination with images of unbound wilderness, rugged and sublime beauty, abundant wildlife and clear, clear water.

To explore Southeast Alaska is to accept all the richness of life that exists here, from the humble banana slug to the great whale. From pristine shorelines to crashing waves, and from unbelievably clear skies to temperate rainforest conditions. Thorough planning that includes Plans A, B and C are keys to a successful journey. Included in this is the awareness of a need to be flexible about logistics. Sometimes we have to delay departure or end the trip a day early. An intelligent and safe approach to your experience dictates flexibility.

Suggested Itineraries

While providing unique, curated trips is a favorite service gladly provided, we also suggest some itineraries to help you in your planning and/or provide you with a starting point for your own more personalized organization of the perfect expedition for YOU! Below you will find some suggested routes with broad information about the areas. These trips can be booked as listed or in any variation you like.

Sitka Wild Coast Kayaks operating region is broken down into two areas, northern and southern.

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Safety is my primary concern as your trip organizer and leader. Facilitating your experience so that you return to your home with a lifetimes worth of memories that will continue to shine as clear as the Alaskan waters is the goal, and it is my duty and privilege to assure that this happens.

Difficulty Levels

All of these trips are suitable for any level of kayaker when proper attention is paid to the specific route and the timing of launch etc. with respect to tidal force and height. Paddling through areas known for strong currents can be negotiated at times of little to no current due to the 6-hour tide cycle. Other dynamics that can alter a paddle in either direction are distances and whether we (or you) choose to enter a rock garden, paddle a gap and paddle in the blowback from rocks and cliffs etc. So, when a trip is listed as Beginner – Advanced, it is taking all of this into account. Being further out from Sitka adds a level of commitment to good decision making which should always be a consideration.

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