Wilderness First Aid Course


COURSE DATES: April 2-4, 2023

Join Sitka Wild Coast Kayaks and MEDIC/SOLO for a 3-Day Disaster+Travel+Wilderness First Aid (dtWFA) Course.

Prior to signing up for this course, please complete the Course Registration Form and then return here to complete the payment process.


Classes have a 24 person maximum and 12 person minimum. If the class fills up, all participants will receive a $50 rebate.


Why Sitka Wild Coast Kayaks (SWCK) partners with MEDIC/SOLO

MEDIC aligns with SWCK’s moral and ethical compass to provide more than is required or standard where wilderness training and education is concerned. The instruction you will receive from MEDIC in this course is more thorough, more accessible and more practical than that of other WFA courses in our experience which makes it a match for how SWCK views and presents its own courses. We are not standard. We seek to provide higher quality experiences in everything we do or offer.

ABOUT MEDIC and This Course

MEDIC embraces social and environmental concerns that are shared by SWCK and supports learners of all levels and backgrounds.

Medic/Solo provides 5 hours more hands-on training than any other course offered.

MEDIC is a unique corner of SOLO, the oldest continuously-operating school of wilderness medicine on the planet, and one of very few wilderness medical schools run by a physician — to whom the Wilderness Medical Society presented their highest award, for being a founding father of wilderness medicine worldwide.

MEDIC is sensitive to people of all races, ethnicities, places of origin, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, creeds, abilities, and ages (teens on up) to learn with us. As Allies we work hard to create a safe learning space for everyone and remove anyone who expresses hate during class.

This course will be offered over a 3-day period the first week of April with instructor Lafroy Stevens. Lafroy is a familiar face here in Sitka who has connections in town with people we all know. She has a masters in teaching and in the school year teaches French to middle-schoolers (talk about extreme sports!).

Lafroy is an avid outdoor enthusiast with a passion for a variety of activities from summit to sea. She embraces minimalist ethos and is a certified WEMT (Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician)

Most importantly Lafroy presents her programs in language that is accessible and appropriate for students of all levels, identities and ages.

For detailed information on who MEDIC is and what the course entails go to their website listed below.

NOTE: Standard MEDIC courses are 20 hours delivered in 2 days. This course will be delivered over 3 days.

Learn more about the course here: Disaster + Travel + Wilderness First Aid (dtWFA)


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