Southern Adventures

To The South

The Southern Region of operation encompasses the area south from Sitka to Whale Bay in the South Baranof Wilderness. This area covers more or less 40 miles north to south in a direct line. It is scattered with hundreds of islets and islands, deep bays and fjords and countless more miles of wilderness shoreline. As with all the West Coast of Baranof Island, this area is majestic and sublime and crowned with some of the highest peaks on the island.

It should be noted that if you are considering a trip that includes the area south of Beauchamp Island you become exposed to the full force of the Gulf of Alaska. This can result in some considerable exposure to swell, winds, etc. whereas staying further north provides more protected waters. Flexibility in planning and adequate days worked into your float-plan for lay-overs due to weather is a must.

There is something elegant about leaving on your journey under your own power. To depart from town with all you need carefully packed in your kayak and watch civilization dwindle slowly into the distance while the rhythm off the sea and the paddle begin to unwind your thoughts. Heading south at first your attention will slip steadily toward the ever-present symmetry of Mt Edgecombe where it sweeps gracefully out of the curved horizon and your breathing and heart find a balance on the breast of the sea.

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