Northern Adventures

To The North

The Northern Area is comprised of all the coastline of Baranof Island from Sitka itself, north to Lisianski Strait including the West Chichagof -Yakobi Wilderness. It also includes Peril Strait to the east all the way to Hoonah Sound. It is comprised of a combination of exposed coast, multitudinous islands, deep bays and fjords, protected waterways, free-running streams and tremendous diversity of flora and fauna. All this is set beneath the abrupt and stunning mountains that reach heights of up to 3,000 feet and more.

Note: If your ideal float plan includes traveling north of Salisbury Sound there is a significant distance of open coast with limited (if any) beach-able sites. This logistical hurdle can be negotiated by either utilization of a water taxi or serious commitment to sensible planning and longer open water paddles.

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