Tailored To Your Specific Needs & Wants

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Our Instructional Process

Our instructional process is tailored to your specific needs and wants. As such there are NO standard courses.

Previously certified as an open water instructor with the ACA, Michael found their organization top heavy and the courses not tactile enough. Believing that time on the water is more important than anything else for building confidence and skill, he designs an introduction to paddling and up-skilling courses to each person or group’s desires. Nature being the best teacher, the (sea) lion’s share of your instructional time is spent in the liquid element.

Excellent equipment, custom designed syllabus and an instructor who can adapt programs to your needs rather than a pre-ordained system means you get more personally useful and practical help at a better rate.

Instruction can cover everything from absolute beginner information to advanced paddler needs.

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Areas of Expertise

Staying Safe & Reading the Water
Boat handling (fit, edging, flow)
Reading Charts & Expedition Planning
Paddle skills (emphasizing efficiency & technique over power)
Reading the Weather & The Water
Rolling & Surfing
Navigating strong current and current reading
Dealing with wind (wind effect and boat heading)
Blind Navigation

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