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Exploring the Wild Coast of Sitka Sound

An Adventure Tailored Just For You

Michael has run excursions and expeditions ranging in length from 3 days to 6 months. His expertise as a guide has earned him commendations from the FBI and State Park Service. He arrived in Southeast Alaska in 2018 on a 6-month expedition that began in Prince Williams Sound and finished at Frederick Sound. Of all the places he kayaked, the wild coast of Sitka Sound and its vicinity most thrilled and satisfied him.

All excursions are tailored to the group or individual’s desired kayaking environment. Whether you want to kayak inner waters or the outer coast, focus on wildlife viewing or covering miles, Sitka Wild Coast Kayaks can help you plan and execute a successful tour. Routes are suggested according to availability of campsites, kayakers skill level and distances desired to travel. An accurate assessment of client kayaking skills will be made prior to your arrival.

Remember this is Alaska, plans have to change with respect to weather and sea conditions. A trip originally planning to go north may find themselves required to go south and a coastal goal may have to yield to the safer inner passages due to storm swell making even kayakers skilled at surf landings need to stay inside.

But hey! It’s KAYAKING in Alaska and one thing you can be sure of is: ALASKA DELIVERS and Michael will make sure you get out there and back.

Come explore with us a level of immersion and support that is unique to the region.

Sitka Wild Coast Kayaks Joins Equinox Expedition Yacht

We would like to show you Alaska’s most remote southeast in a way that instils the same love and respect for the place we share. Come explore with us a level of immersion and support that is unique to the region. Together we curate intimate, immersive human-powered experiences with the wild Southeast Alaska Archipelago supported by a custom-built Adventure Yacht, the Equinox. 

Combined this team offers almost 80 years of wilderness guiding experience. We explore remote and rarely seen coast lines, bays and islets in a region of Alaska that is still untrammeled by even the most adventurous.

Are you coming to Alaska, or even just dreaming about it? Join us on an...

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