Alaska Delivers​

Kayaking in Sitka Sound is a Gold Medal Experience

Commit to the Adventure

Welcome to Southeast Alaska! Getting here is a commitment. You don’t arrive here by accident. It requires imagination, time, and planning. Sitka Wild Coast Kayaks appreciates this level of commitment to adventure and wants to help you to ADVENTURE BEYOND THE IMAGINED.

What we provide in a guided expedition into Alaska’s most rare and remarkable destination is, quite simply, life-affirming.

Welcome to kayaking one of Alaska’s least explored wild coasts!

Kayaking in Sitka Sound and the surrounding area offers every aspect of adventure and wildlife viewing a kayaker would desire. We help outfit and supply individuals and groups with kayaks, equipment and local knowledge. Whether you want to explore with our experienced guides or venture out on your own, we have tents, kitchen kits and all the items necessary for a successful kayaking adventure.

Contact us today to schedule your adventure and learning journey to…


Learn from an instructor who provides a custom designed syllabus & who will adapt programs to your specific needs.


Kayak inner waters or the outer coast, focus on wildlife viewing or covering miles, we will help you plan & execute an epic adventure.


Your guide has decades of experience, commendations from the FBI and State Park Service, and is a certified class 5 guide and instructor.


We have all the kayaking and camping gear you will need for your adventure.


Kayaking in Sitka Sound offers every aspect of adventure & wildlife viewing a kayaker could desire.

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